2020 Speakers

Dr. Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst/President of UBI Research

Presentation Title : OLED Industry and Market Forecast in 2019

Seong Taek Lee
Vice President of Samsung Display

Presentation Title : 

Kazumasa Nomoto
Chief UI Device Researcher & Distinguished Engineer of Sony Corporation

Presentation Title : Development of Display Technology toward VR/AR Application
I will discuss the important specifications of a display device based on human perception for virtual and augmented reality, and introduce display technologies potentially contribute to this field, such as OLED microdisplay, micro LED display, hologram waveguide AR eyeglass etc.

Amal Ghosh
CTO of eMagin Corporation

Presentation Title : Microdisplays for AR/VR Applications
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming increasing important not only in the commercial market but also in the consumer market. Microdisplays are a key component of the AR/VR headsets. There are various technologies that are currently being used in these applications including OLED-on-silicon microdisplays. This presentation will first summarize the key requirements for microdisplay requirements for AR/VR followed by the state-of-the-art status of OLED microdisplays. Lastly, it will highlight the differences between OLED and LED based microdisplays for AR/VR applications.

Michael Hack
VP of Business Development of Universal Display Corporation

Presentation Title : Advancing Phosphorescent OLED Technology
In this presentation we outline how our phosphorescent OLED technology meets the ever more demanding performance requirements of future products, while enabling the OLED market with new applications, improved product performance at lower cost, all using healthy OLED light.

Yamada Takeshi
General Manager of PLED Business Planning Office of SUMITOMO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

Presentation Title : Latest development of soluble OLED materials for printed display
We will present the latest status of high performance OLED material development based on our conjugated polymer technology. The material is very suitable for printing OLED panel fabrication. We also show the efficiency improvement on top-emission (TE) device with suitable PL spectrum of blue emitter and new materials which are suitable for higher resolution panel fabrication.

Michel (Mike) Molaire
CEO of Molecular Glasses

Presentation Title : OLEDIQ™, A New Class of OLED Materials: Noncrystallizable, Super Soluble for Vacuum Deposited and Printed OLEDs
OLEDIQ™, a new class of small molecule OLED materials, are amorphous, non-crystallizable and prevent aggregation of dopant emitters. They are soluble in common solvents at very high concentration. This presentation will document the importance of this new technology for device lifetime, inkjet printing of OLEDs and overall device performance.

Adam A. Kablanian

Presentation Title : TADF Emitters for High-efficiency OLEDs: A Path to Commercialization
The presentation will reveal new details on CYNORA’s innovation-to-commercialization strategy, focusing on the performance gains recently demonstrated by CYNORA’s emitter materials. It will describe how CYNORA’s steady innovation brings display manufacturers closer to a solution that will substantially boost the efficiency advantages of next-generation OLED displays. 

Junji Adachi
CEO of Kyulux

Presentation Title : Towards commercialization of Hyperfluorescence™
Kyulux had successfully launched the world’s first Hyperfluorescence™ PMOLED display in collaboration with Wisechip Semiconductor Inc. in Taiwan in October 2019. The company is also cooperation with AMOLED panel makers closely. Kyulux presents the latest commercialization status at the event.

Ross Young

Presentation Title : OLED Market Update and Outlook
This presentation will examine the current status of the OLED market including data on fab utilization, equipment spending and shipments by application and customer. It will also examine the outlook for these parameters as well as supply/demand, foldable shipments and much more.

Yasuo Nakane
Global Head of Technology Research of Mizuho Securities

Presentation Title : Global OLED industry Outlook
In LCD industry, Chinese panel makers are getting closer to the winner’s position, and this is urging rest of players to move faster to new technologies such as OLED, Micro LED etc. we analyze current status of FPD industry from final products, panel makers, regional competition, technology, valuechain viewpoint, then forecast what will be happening in the future.

Technology & Market Analyst of Yole Développement

Presentation Title : MicroLED displays : status and reality check
What is the status today for microLEDs? What is the roadmap? The goal is to provide the audience with a clear understanding of where everyone is standing, the path that companies are trying to follow, and of course the challenges to overcome.

Yun-Li (Charles) Li, Ph.D.
CEO of PlayNitride Inc.

Presentation Title : Toward for Ultimate Displays with MicroLED
MicroLED display is an emerging technology with high brightness, wide color gamut, high aperture ratio, and best reliability. It can be used for innovative display technology, such as transparent display, sports watch, automotive. MicroLED display can fulfill all display required features and will be a revolution of display industry.

James S. Im
Professor of Columbia University, NY, NY, USA

Presentation Title : Fiber-Laser Annealing for Future OLED Displays?
Excimer-Laser Annealing (ELA) has been a challenging, costly, yet essential step involved in the manufacture of mobile OLED displays. In this presentation, we discuss how the new high-power UV fiber lasers may enable more robust processing while providing future-product-compatible materials.

Chiwoo Kim
President, CTO of APS Holdings

Presentation Title : FMM Material and Manufacturing Process for High Resolution AMOLED Displays
Manufacturing fine metal mask (FMM) is one of the biggest hurdles to realize the high resolution AMOLED displays. We have developed the state-of-the-art material and processing technology to achieve 800ppi or higher resolution FMMs. The Invar thinning and the thermal damage-free laser ablation process realized us achieving the FMM for UHD displays.

Changhun Chriss Hwangg

Presentation Title : The Belt Plane Source Evaporator for Future AMOLEDs
– What is the Evaporator?
– The Plane Source FMM Evaporator
– The Belt Plane Source FMM Evaporator for 11K AMOLED
– The Belt Plane Source Evaporator for OLED TV

Siebe van Mensfoort
CEO of Simbeyond

Presentation Title : Unifying the OLED R&D chain with advanced simulations
Simbeyond’s advanced simulation tools are employed to improve design and efficiency of new OLED materials and stacks. By performing virtual experiments, materials and device manufacturers can visualize in 3D improvement areas, enabling a breakthrough in R&D costs and time-to-market.

Mathew D. Halls, Ph.D.
Vice President of Schrödinger

Presentation Title : Future OLED materials design by atomic scale simulation and de novo machine learning 
Design of OLED materials is difficult because of open fundamental challenges and manufacturing requirements. Advances in physics-based simulation, and de novo machine learning methods for OLED materials discovery will be presented; pointing to a new era with minimal human intervention.